There’s NOT An App For That

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Since the advent of the Smartphone, thousands upon thousands of mobile apps have been created and with that billions have been downloaded. With the top two operating systems iOS and Android constantly going head to head I’m sure the million mark will be hit in the near future. I decided to explore iTunes and Google Play apps to see what was available or even just related to graphic design.

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All different kinds of apps came up in both platforms under the design category. There were apps for: learning about design, font collections, color selection, creating illustrations, editing design and much more. There were two apps that caught my attention above the rest. They are the Print Apply and HTML5 & CSS3 iOS apps.

The first app:

Print Apply offers a variety of tools and information used everyday in the Printing and Graphic Arts Industry. Perhaps it could help people in both industries communicate on clearer terms with one another instead of each using their own terms and information. I also thought if a consumer had a specific job they wanted done they could reference this app to be clearer on what type of print job they want (paper quality, colors, size, ect).

The second app:

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are two of the core technologies for building websites. HTML provides the structure of the page while CSS focuses on the visual layout. The HTML5 app claims it is the fastest way to learn HTML5. It covers everything you need to know to learn HTML5 and leverage its power to create highly dynamic websites. I felt this app could help drive the product most graphic designers use, Adobe Creative Suite software, which uses both HTML and CSS in some of its applications.

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All the apps seem to be for people that are already graphic designers or want to be graphic designers, which is great but there were none I came across that focused on driving the graphic design service to the customers. There’s NOT an app for that! I thought to myself if I were a customer what would I want a design app to consist of if I were looking for one? What would I want it to do for me? If I’m not a graphic artist then I most likely want something created for me whether it be a banner, pamphlet, website, etc. so an app that locates places I can have that done would be perfect. The mobile app would pull up local graphic design businesses and freelancers that the customer can contact for further information about the job they want done. It would be for the customer who wants a little more refinement than going to a Staples copy and print or Kinkos. This app could also give prices and estimations on projects so the consumer can compare. This type of graphic design app would definitely drive the service to customers as well as other businesses. This app would hopefully be very successful since there are none out there like it. How successful it is could be measure by keeping track of how many people use the app, as well as the companies customers check out and then compare that to which businesses increase in service as a result.

So there it is. If you are a graphic designer or want to become one you are in luck in the mobile app universe. For everyone else keep on with your old ways of web searching, phone calls, and emails until that millionth app comes and changes it all.


2 responses to “There’s NOT An App For That

  1. Hi Jean, good post!
    Apps have revolutionized the market and customers are really engaged with them.
    In my personal case I like some apps, one of my favorites is Waze which is a free social GPS application featuring turn-by-turn navigation. As it is described in the app:
    “Waze is a fun, community-based traffic & navigation app, 30 million strong. Join forces with other drivers nearby to outsmart traffic, save time & gas money, and improve everyone’s daily commute”
    This app is so useful, it works perfectly in many countries and what it is more important for is that works very well in South America. So, I am totally engaged with this one. The app was developed due to the need of people like to have a GPS that works perfectly using my cellphone. As you said, there are still many customers’ needs that are not being satisfied through an App, but for sure in the near future these needs are going to be covered through innovative apps.

    • Hi Liliana,
      Thanks! Waze sounds like an amazing app, 30 million strong is very impressive. I think the reason for so many apps is because each day someone comes up with a new one to satisfy a consumers want and/or need that they realize still has not been met. It is exciting to see what the future holds for Graphic Design apps.

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