When Two Become One

The graphic design industry is fully intertwined in social media. This is because all those app icons you see, websites you browse through, and basically anything visual you come across on the Internet has been most likely created by a graphic artist. This industry typically uses software called Adobe Creative Suite, which contains Dream Weaver, Flash, InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.  Some applications are used create websites such as Flash and Dream Weaver and while others are used mainly for layout purposes like InDesign. Check out further details about the latest version of software, Creative Suite 6, at http://success.adobe.com. There’s no way the graphic design industry could not be involved with social media when it is what helps build it and both are such visually based areas.


Creating the visuals for social media is on thing it is quite another to actually use sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Utilizing the social media medium is incredible important for companies as well as freelance designers. Most do in the industry because social media has really become a necessity. It is the quickest way to promotion and publicity. It is basically the link to the design community as I mentioned in my last blog. It is also low cost when you think of how much work can be displayed virtually instead of paying for it to be printed off. Social media is a great tool for finding potential clients and business opportunities from all around the world.

Graphic Design has a strong standing in the social media environment. In today’s world people are so over stimulated by all the “Tweet”, “Likes”, “Posts”, and “Pins” that to catch their attention an eye-grabbing design is a must. The visual on a website is the first impression so when a graphic is used consistently over many social media platforms, you may view it several times over, which makes it all the more memorable.  A well-designed graphic can also generate people to repost to their own social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc) which can direct potential customers back to the company’s or freelancer’s main website. (There’s always the possibility of the design going viral as well, which isn’t a bad thing). On a last note social media is a great tool to “test” out what people think of a new design/concept/promotion before actually going through with it. I use Facebook for this method typically. It is always nice to have the opinions of non-designers on my latest work whether I decided to take them or not.


3 responses to “When Two Become One

  1. This post really hit home. I have zero experience with anything graphic design wise and really want to learn. Attempting to do social media all on your own you MUST be well versed with these tools in order to do the things you want. I’m finding this out the hard way. Good thing as a student I’m able to get the full Adobe suite for 60-70% off retail price. A good friend of mine has her masters and agreed to teach me a few tricks too.

    • That is great to hear that you’re so enthused about learning! As I was reading your comment I was going to tell you about the student discount on Adobe software but I’m glad you already found it. That is awesome your friend is going to help you out. I always found hands on learning with real people when it comes to designing is way better than any book or online tutorial. If you ever have any design questions feel free to email me. Good luck and thanks for the read, hope to see you in my next blog!

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