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As a creative and visual individual, I could not help but to focus my blog around the industry I am currently in, which is Graphic Design. This industry goes beyond just having an artistic talent and using the right tools, designers need to know how to connect whether it is to get a job with a company or  catch the eye of a potential client. If the networking is not there, doing business for yourself especially as a freelance graphic designer won’t be easy. Getting your work out there is another story. It does not happen just like that. Designers need to build up their network and connect with others. The most efficient and effective way  is to use social media tools popular in the design world. You want to be able to showcase your work, connect to the right people, and keep updated with the latest and greatest trends. To really get involved in the industry I found several social media tools that will help with the process.


The first social media tool I discovered was an app for Andriod called DSGN: Design and Typography News. This app gives the latest news and photos on all things modern graphic design & typography related. It allows the consumer to follow the leaders in graphics such as Design Museum, Behance, COLOURlovers, Getty Museum, and much more, all in one app. DSGN also includes the ability to bookmark/share via text message as well as through all social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc) your favorite design news and photos. I would categorize this app as being the equivalent to Twitter for designers. It keeps the freelancer in the known and up to date so their work can be as well.


If your looking to make a variety of long lasting contacts and projects that will make you a versatile graphic designer then Artician is what you are looking for. In addition to community forums, the site also has member-created tutorial resources, individual blogs, and galleries. This social networking site helps ideas flow and inspiration come alive all while making meaningful connections.


DeviantART is a social site that can get designers a lot of exposure. Even more importantly is it FREE! This site makes it simple to create digital galleries and portfolios showing off your best works. If that was not enough DeviantART also incorporates a social networking platform with several features. It lets designers chat, message, blog, and/or browse the site which then can be rated and critiqued. This is the perfect place to take your work to the next level.


Finally, VisualCV is one of the best sites for designers to create and share an online resume. Sharing your VisualCV with colleagues, hiring managers and social networks is easy. Is it also FREE and simple to use like DeviantART. I have a VisualCV, http://www.visualcv.com/jennifersalafia and this allows me to share my resume through email and/or via my social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). You can also search for jobs on VisualCV, which has hundreds of companies looking to hire people off of this great social site.

There are a plethora of social media tools for graphic designers to utilize and sorting through them is quite a task. As I searched through them I admit it was overwhelming but I figure it is better to be on at least one of them than none of them. In order to stay involved you need to stay connected and the only way to do that successfully is through the ever powerful social media.


6 responses to “Just Design It

  1. VisualCV appears to be a great resource both for assisting with resume creation and in accessing potential job opportunities. I reviewed the link you provided to your resume. Congratulations on your exhibits and your work. Your Relay for Life design is great.

    • Thank you Lori! I haven’t had a chance to update it with my most recent work but It really does help with building my resume because of how visual oriented it is. I have done Relay For Life a few times and really enjoyed every minute of it. I love designing work for things that I am really passionate about, it makes it so much easier. Hope you get a chance to read my next blog.

  2. This is an excellent blog. I am very impressed with your layout, and design of the blog site in general (which isn’t surprising given your industry. The content is even interesting, while I am personally not very good at graphic design, it is always cool to see these tools that many people can use to connect with each other on topics that the like and enjoy.

    • Thank you Jonathan. I’m glad you found it interesting. This is my first time blogging so it’s good to hear that the layout and content came out well. It’s great to be following everyone’s areas of interest and learning more about their topics on a personal and professional level. Hope to see you in my next blog.

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